Our Sunday gatherings are a vital part of the life of our church body, so we will make every effort to remain open for our worship services. Always use discretion and make good decisions about getting out and traveling in inclement weather; your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of those around you must be your first consideration before leaving home. Just like the school systems, we will usually wait until Sunday morning to make a decision about any change in our schedule. The operations staff in consultation with pastors, the weather forecast, and the current road conditions reported by the department of transportation will assess the travel conditions around the church and the safety of our parking lot and entrances.

If there is NO CHANGE to our church schedule, we will make NO ANNOUNCEMENT.

Even if road conditions are unsafe early in the morning, they are often cleared up by our 11:00am gathering time; so as a first response, we will cancel the 9:00am gathering and will invite everyone to attend our 11:00am gathering. If we cannot ensure reasonably safe conditions for people to park, enter, and exit our facilities, we will cancel both services.

During the week, the church office will follow the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office’s Snow Emergency Levels. In the case of a Level II Snow Advisory or a Level III Snow Emergency for Hamilton County, the church offices will close. In the case of a Level I Snow Alert, office hours will be determined by the church staff.

Cancellation of any other kind of events produced by CTK will follow the same procedure outlined above and will be communicated as outlined below.

We will communicate any changes in our church schedule by the following means:

Email: An email will be sent to those subscribed to our email list. To get added to this list, please click here and fill out the form.
Social Media: Posts will be made to Facebook and Instagram.
Website: In the event of closing or delay, we will display a message at the top of the home page on our website.