What is church membership?

Committing to church membership is not only a step of obedience to God, it is also a great way to deepen relationships with other people and experience a greater sense of belonging. Membership is a way of saying, “I’m committed to these people and they are committed to me.”

How do I pursue church membership?

It all begins at our new member class. It was developed to help you learn the basics of the gospel, the church, and our mission with a focus on helping you build relationships and connecting with others. The classes are facilitated by at least one of the pastors so we can get to know you better!

Membership Process

1. Complete the New Member Class

2. Complete the New Member Form

3. Complete a Member Interview with a Pastor

4. Sign the Member Covenant at a Family Meeting

“In my 7 years with my CTK family, I’ve befriended sisters and brothers in Christ who love Jesus and pursue a life of knowing God more and enjoying Him as He transforms every area of life. The teaching in sermons and classes helps me learn God’s Word and identify what is true in the mixed messages in our world today. I count my city group as friends who encourage my walk with the Lord and make me laugh at our game nights and parties. God is so good!”

Kelly Blackburn