Element Academy

The Purpose of Element Academy
CTK Church exists to help people know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all of life. Element Academy exists to support, develop, and expand the church’s mission by teaching and equipping people with theological truth and ministry skills. Element Academy aims to be a robust, local, church based, self-sustained, theologically reformed, and contextually aware training academy.

Three Levels of Instruction
Foundations classes teach the building blocks of discipleship for someone to walk with Jesus for a lifetime. These courses are designed for people who are (1) non-believers, (2) newer believers, (3) college students, and (4) short-term residents. Those who complete all four foundations courses will be awarded a “Foundations Certificate.” The foundations certificate can be completed in less than two years. Foundations courses will cover the importance of scripture, prayer, community, evangelism, giving, church membership, and so forth. 

Core Classes build on the foundations classes and are designed to equip believers to know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all of life. These are like the “Gen Ed” courses in a typical seminary catalogue that every student must complete, such as Systematic Theology, OT survey, NT survey, Biblical Interpretation, evangelism, church history, and so forth. These courses are designed for committed believers who are maturing in their faith and/or those who are pursuing church leadership.

Elective Classes provide a deeper dive into particular subjects that are relevant to our church or skill development for church leaders. Electives are classes such as parenting, discovering God’s will, film and theology, managing personal finances, and so on. Classes that formerly were part of equipping elders in pastor school will be taught as Electives. 

Teaching Teams and other ways to help
Our desire is to form teaching teams that can develop the content for each class and be available to teach the same class in the future with minimal additional preparation. There are also other ways to help, such as administration, registration, graphic design, promotions, finding meeting space for classes, and so on.

If you have an interest in teaching or helping in other ways, please contact Brady Faust for more info.

2020 Summer Courses

Church History
Location: Hybrid*
7 Weeks, Starting June 23rd
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Instructor: Brady Faust
Cost: FREE

This course is designed as an introduction to the history of Christianity and the church from its beginnings in the apostolic period to its most recent expressions in the twentieth century. Major movements, leading personalities, theological developments and religious trends will be examined with the aim to better understand the broad spectrum of Christian expressions in both the West and non-West. 

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Discovering God’s Will
Location: Remote
5 Weeks, Starting June 24th
Wednesdays at 6:30pm 
Instructor: Dave Haluga
Cost: FREE

This course addresses the theological question of God’s will, and its implications for the decisions and actions we make as Christians. Through the five weeks, we will attempt to develop a wise and Scripture-informed framework for making life’s important (and unimportant) decisions.

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What Makes a Man?
Location: Hybrid*
5 Weeks, Starting June 25th
Thursdays at 6:30pm
Instructor: Taylor Katt
Cost: FREE

Manhood has been a hot topic of conversation in American culture over the last few years. Terms like toxic masculinity, mansplaining and male privilege have been discussed and debated by friends and enemies. As Christians, we must ask ourselves, what does God say about manhood? What was the original design, and how are men affected by the fall? This course seeks to look at these issues and more.

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Personal Evangelism
Location: Hybrid*
6 Weeks, Starting June 24th
Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Instructor: Daniel Kemp
Cost: FREE

Without evangelism, you most likely wouldn’t be a Christian. But, by God’s grace, you can probably name someone or even a few people that helped you come to know the Lord. Ideally, this would drive us to be evangelistic ourselves, but the word evangelism for many of us can bring up hints of cynicism, fear, and maybe even a little guilt. But that’s not what the Lord has for us. Come dream again how God can use you. Come be equipped for the Great Commission.

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*Hybrid classes will have an option to attend remotely or in person. Those attending classes in person will only interact with other people in the room. Any class discussions will not be held with those attending the class via video call. We ask those attenders to respect the appropriate social distancing guidelines. Those attending remotely will be able to see and hear the instructor, but will only interact with other attendees who participate online. Info about the video call platform will be sent prior to the beginning of the class.