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Why We Exist

Everyone essentially wants the same thing: we want the good life. Some would call it happiness, or deep fulfillment, or flourishing. This is the fundamental longing that drives all humanity. We all have an inner sense of what we think the good life is, and that’s what we’re living for.


But most people aren’t flourishing in this way. Most people don’t know what true flourishing looks like, or even how to find it. The Uptown community of Cincinnati is no exception. But biblical Christianity offers a vision and promise of the good life through Christ. Christ the King Church was founded because of our gospel belief that God invites us into His life – a life of flourishing, satisfaction, and delight; a life of wholeness and fulfillment, a life of purpose and meaning.


Our church was founded because we want to see our community enjoy the good life that Jesus offers. The good life is found as we fully submit ourselves – heart, soul, mind, and strength – to Jesus as Lord and King. And in God’s power, changed lives and changed neighborhoods can change the city.


The “good life” does not mean an “easy life” or a “pain free” life. The world is still broken and will remain broken until Christ returns. But since God is the source of all that is truly good, and since He is the giver of all good things, the life that is centered on Him is delightfully good. It is only in Him that human beings can truly flourish.


That’s why we’re here. We’re here to help people flourish in every way under the rule of Jesus our King and Lord. Or to say it another way…


Christ the King Church exists to help people know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all of life.

Testimony from Brent Foster, CTK member

“To my church family,


May God bless each and every one of you. Thanks for coming to my rescue again. Since I’ve been a member of CTK you’ve been such a blessing to me: repairs at my house: furnace, air quality, and financial assistance, fellowship with my spiritual advisor and brother in Christ, Eric T, our pastors who preach the word of God.


Being near the end of my journey, I’m grateful to God for putting me here at Christ the King. I love all of you and pray blessings on you all. Thanks again for just being who you are.


I love you,






2018 in Review


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Who We are Called to Reach

Our Founding Vision

While we desire to reach the whole city for Christ, our missional center of gravity is Uptown. Our founding vision almost ten years ago was to reach the urban core of Cincinnati in Uptown. Uptown is comprised of several neighborhoods, including Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, CUF (Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview), and Mt. Auburn.


The University of Cincinnati has recently enjoyed record enrollment, with its largest ever freshman class in 2018. Uptown is Cincinnati’s second largest employment center, with major economic and educational players such as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, UC Health, the Cincinnati Zoo, TriHealth, and the University of Cincinnati. People from all over the region commute to Uptown daily for work, making it a familiar neighborhood to many who do not live here.


Our desire is for people in Uptown and the surrounding neighborhoods to know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all of life. That means we want Uptown to know that CTK is here and that we desire to love them, serve them, and meaningfully engage them with the gospel.


The #LoveUptown Initiative

Our Neighborhood

The #LoveUptown Initiative is about believing God for big things in our community. We are calling on our church to be present, build relationships, buy local, and PRAY. Through our presence in the community, getting to know people, supporting local businesses, and prayer, we believe God will work through us to have an impact on our community.


Other Accessible Neighborhoods

Focusing on Uptown as a missional center of gravity does not mean we are neglecting other parts of the city where CTK members live. Rather, it gives us a point of strategic focus and concentrated resources that will have ripple effects throughout the city. To put it another way, doing ministry together in Uptown will develop and refine our ministry skills to put to use wherever we live, work, and play.


Uptown’s central location is strategic and easily accessible to several other key neighborhoods. The first ring of these neighborhoods includes OTR, the West End, Price Hill, Camp Washington, Northside, St. Bernard, Bond Hill, Paddock Hills, Norwood, Evanston, Oakley, Hyde Park, and Walnut Hills.


A second ring of surrounding neighborhoods within reasonable reach include NKY neighborhoods like Newport, Covington, and Ft. Thomas, and Cincinnati neighborhoods such as Madeira, Silverton, Pleasant Ridge, Kenwood, North College Hill, Westwood, and Delhi. All of these neighborhoods are accessible to 333 Warner within a 15 minute drive time and are already accustomed to coming to Uptown for work, school, sporting events, entertainment, or healthcare.


Ten Prayer Goals for 2019

  1. Launch #LoveUptown

  2. Begin Preaching Series on Acts

  3. Significant Conversion Growth

  4. More connection, outreach, and serving opportunities

  5. Strengthen Relationship with CTK-EH

  6. Multiply City Groups

  7. Launch Element Academy

  8. Increased Prayer Emphasis

  9. Add a third service

  10. Improve Communication Church-Wide


Our Hope For the Future


  • Christ the King Church is a vibrant and growing church in Uptown where people from all walks of life are coming to faith in Christ and making Jesus Lord over their whole lives (Rom 6:17-18).

  • Everything we do is done with prayer & in the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom 15:13).

  • CTK’s presence in Uptown is consistent, effective, visible, and widespread (Matt 5:14-15).

  • We are well known in our neighborhood for works of generosity and grace (Matt 5:16).

  • CTK is known for having courage to tackle the tough issues of our day with boldness and a commitment to biblical truth (Acts 4:29).

  • Our members love each other deeply & meet each other’s needs tangibly (Titus 3:14).

  • CTK’s ministries to the homeless, orphans, and to unwed mothers are effective, thriving, and growing (James 1:27).

  • City Groups are multiplying significantly, connecting greater numbers of people within our church body, and living out their faith together in community (Acts 2:42-47).

  • People are well-connected and have a significant group of friends in our church.

  • Men & women in our church are getting married and starting families (Psalm 127).

  • The Element Academy is providing a robust theological learning environment for people at every stage of their spiritual development (2 Tim 4:1-4).

  • A significant number of CTK’s members have gone through Element classes and are receiving high quality theological training (Tts 2:1).

  • Leaders of all types are being developed in our church: elders, deacons, staff, city group leaders, Element instructors, and church planters (Eph 4:11-13).

  • Many members of our church have chosen to live and do ministry as missionaries to Uptown (John 20:21).

  • Several focus neighborhoods have been identified where there is a concentration of CTK members living in close proximity and who comprise a healthy city group (Mark 6:7).

  • Uptown has expanded its ministry capacity by adding a third service, increased parking options, expanded kids and youth ministries, developed and deployed additional City Group leaders, and appointed new elders.

  • College students are engaged, well connected, growing in their faith, and making a healthy transition from college life to adulthood in our church.

  • The CTK Collective shares a unified, city-wide vision for reaching Cincinnati, and works collaboratively on sermon series, Element classes, mission projects, and special events.

  • The relationship between Uptown and Eastern Hills is strong as part of the CTK collective and we are preparing to plant churches in strategic areas of the city (Titus 1:5).

  • The CTK Collective has joined with a few like-minded strategic partner churches from around the city for ministry collaboration.

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