The Jerusalem Council
Acts 15:1-35

Michael Clary
Lead Pastor

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Call to Worship
Let us praise the name of the Lord 

for only he is worthy
Let us praise him with the heavens
Praise him all his angels, 
Praise him with the masses
Every power in Heaven and Earth 
will bow at His name

Let us gather together to praise our maker
Let us praise him with creation
Praise him, sun and moon, 
praise him, shining stars
All creation leaks the beauty of a great Artist

Let us praise Him who brings low the mighty
For He holds the world in His hand
Praise him kings and rulers, 
Praise Him young and old
For every knee will bow 
at the throne of God

Let us praise the name of the Lord
For he spoke and we were created
Let all the redeemed of God sing His praise

Praise Him who is always faithful to His word
Praise the Lord  
From Psalm 148

 God Is Good
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Confession of Sin
God of all nations, we praise you that in Christ

the barriers that have separated humanity are torn down. 
Yet we confess our slowness to open our hearts 
and minds to people of other lands, tongues, and races.
Deliver us from the sins of fear and prejudice,
that we may move toward the day
when all are truly one in Jesus Christ. 

Sweet Comfort
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Assurance of Pardon
Christ is our peace;

those who are divided
he has made one.
He has broken down the barriers 
of separation by his death 
and has built us up into one body, with God.
To all who repent and believe
he has promised reconciliation.
So live as people reconciled. 
–Based on Ephesians 2:11-22

In Christ Alone
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I Surrender All
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We leave from here to bear witness to Christ

in faithfulness to the Scriptures,
in harmony with the church of the ages,
and in unity with all Christ’s people.

Peace be with you all
And also with you